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Arizona Individual Tax Credits

In 2016 there were changes to the charitable tax credits increasing some and changing the due date to qualify as a 2016 to the tax due date April 15, 2017 for all the credits but the Military Family Relief Fund tax credit which still must be made year end.  The table below summarizes.

Type of Credit Single / Head of Household Limits Married Filing Jointly Limits
Qualifying Charitable Organization $400 $800
Foster Care Charitable Organization $500 $1,000
Public School Tax Credit $200 $400
Private School Tuition Tax Credit $1,087 $2,173
Military Family Relief Fund Tax Credit $200 $400

If you have an Arizona tax liability large enough the single/heads of household taxpayer’s limit is $2,387 for married taxpayers the limit is $4,773.

Taxpayer Data Security and Identity Theft

For the 2016 filing season there are additional steps required to secure taxpayer data. The IRS, my tax software provider and I have added security measures because identity thieves have started targeting tax preparation firms.

Unsurprisingly the safest way to secure your personal data is to fill out your tax organizer and to return it me.


This is a good time to remind people that income tax refunds are generally not a good idea.  I’ve heard from representatives of the IRS that they have changed their programming so they can detect unusual refund requests such a refund request from a taxpayer who hasn’t historically requested one. In addition to not loaning the government your money it is safer to pay a small amount and not give the taxing authorities your bank account information.